Lea Royer trolled Coi LeRay in a huge way, and the rapper is not taking that laying down. She might have been ignored by the Rolling Loud crowd, but LeRay made sure her new hater didn’t get away with it.

This all started with a fan named Lea Royer posed for a photo with Coi LeRay. Then she dragged LeRay by saying that she didn’t look like the star in the photo of the two.

Lil Yachty commented on this story as he said, “I really do hate these type of people.. who ask for a pic just to talk shit online.” Plenty of people had fun with it, but apparently Coi LeRay took a different approach.

Coi LeRay sent this fan a scathing DM that said: “Your mother should have swallowed you.” This DM was released online for all to see, including Royer’s response as she said:

“LMFAOAOOAO i think this whole thing was dragged out. It was an opinion, but i didn’t think i look better than you. You shouldn’t even be mad at my opinion, just keep it pushing. Everyone’s dragging this whole sh*t and i been defended myself. If you wanna take it personal u could but it wasn’t sh*t. If i was you, i wouldn’t care.”

LeRae replied to say: “yea yea yea,” but it didn’t end there. Royer responded to the rapper to say that she hopes that they don’t have beef one day when they cross paths again. She also tried to smooth things over a bit by throwing out a few compliments.

We’ll have to see if this situation is over, but it sounds like Coi LeRay has figured out a way to keep herself in the headlines somehow.

What’s your take on this story? Had you ever heard of Coi LeRay until she bombed at Rolling Loud? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

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