Ice Cube wants to bring fans another Friday movie, but there is a massive holdup in that situation. Warner Bros is not letting that happen and Cube isn’t going to remain silent on the matter anymore.

The Wall Street Journal reports that a heated battle between Warner Bros and Ice Cube is ongoing. They agreed to make a fourth movie, back in 2012, and Last Friday was to net Cube $11 million for his role, but disagreements over the script have landed the project in development hell.

There are reportedly issues with creative differences in the sequel’s storyline. Cube’s first script for the film was set in prison, but the studio didn’t want that to happen because executives didn’t think a prison movie could be funny. They also commented that Cube’s second draft was “off the mark.”

Cube said he’s convinced that the editing process was just a way for Warner Bros to hold off on production as he claimed: “We’re right there at the finish line, and they don’t pull the trigger.”


A rep from Warner Bros has denied those accusations. “For nearly a decade we have expressed unwavering support for a Friday sequel, even as the years passed between the two scripts he was enlisted to write for the Friday franchise due to his own delays,” the spokesperson said.

Cube has accused Warner Bros of discrimination as he wrote that they “are habitually underfunded in comparison with projects featuring white casts and creative teams.” He didn’t provide details to support this, but he claimed that the films he makes aren’t supported in the same way.

Warner Bros has also “strongly disagreed with any claims of discriminatory treatment.”

Warner Bros is willing to carry on with the fourth Friday project, but Cube is ready to “go somewhere else and make a hit and embarrass them.” Stay tuned.

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H Jenkins

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