Sha’Carri Richardson is not allowed to compete at the Olympic games, and Cardi B will not let people commit slander against her.

Claire Lehman, an Australian journalist, threw out a theory that Richardson might have been using steroids. “Not sure whether the nails are real or fake, but in case you didn’t know very strong nails & hair can be a side effect of steroid use,” she tweeted out.

Cardi B tweeted back in response to defend Richardson against this accusation as she said, “B I O T I N…….You needs for your thin ass hair.” The “WAP” rapper responded to Lehmann’s claims while referring to the vitamin B supplement.

She also addressed this issue on Instagram where she uploaded a video and unloaded a bit on the subject. It doesn’t matter what kind of situation this is, because Richardson is still the most talented athlete.


“This is how I feel about the Sha’Carri situation, right. I feel like we cannot turn time around. I feel like the Olympics are going to try and be so hard on her ’cause this has been a big situation. However, that doesn’t take away [from the fact] that she’s the most talked about athlete. Three years from now, she’s going to be the No. 1 most-anticipated to go to the Olympics.”

Plenty of people feel a certain type of way about this situation can Cardi B is never to keep her mouth shut about anything. We’ll have to see what’s next for Richardson, but her Olympic dreams were dashed when it was discovered that she popped dirty for a chemical associated with marijuana.

What’s your take on this situation? Sound off in the comments!

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