Lil Baby has been getting famous quite steadily, and it’s all thanks to his early grind, collaborations with Gunna and Young Thug, and while he’s also famous for being a meme for inexplicable reasons, he’s enjoying a lot of fandom at the moment.

As the rapper was in his 3rd year of the rap career he has built for himself, his fame and reputation skyrocketed after the release of his 2nd studio album which is rightfully called My Turn.

Many veterans from the world of rap are taking note of Lil Baby’s quick rise to fame. Fat Joe, a legend from the world of rap told Brian “B. Dot” Miller on Complex Brackets in an interview, that Lil Baby is certainly deserving of the praise and success he’s getting.

In the newer generation, there’s nobody better than Lil Baby right now. We’ve seen all this. We, as Hip Hop historians, we saw when Lil Wayne emerged, we saw when Eminem emerged and Lil Baby is in a lane by himself right now. It’s sad because the other night I’m with Khaled in his convertible Maybach. He played three records in there, and they were three of the biggest artists of the time. He played one guy that’s been winning for ten years straight. He played this group, but then he played that Lil Baby, and it sounded like this guy was the best.

Fat Joe isn’t the only veteran who has been keeping tabs on Lil Baby. Rakim also spoke about how he has been following artists of the new age such as Kendrick Lamar and Lil Baby.

Nitish Vashishtha

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