Seth Rogen has racked up a ton of Hollywood stories and one of them does not paint Eddie Griffin in the best light. He went off in an anti-Semitic rant on the man behind Superbad and Pineapple Express.

In 2014, Seth Rogen tweeted out to say: “Fun Hollywood Story: one time, Eddie Griffin screamed an anti-Semitic rant at me while in an elevator in Las Vegas.” Now he is expanding on that story a bit to give some new clarity.

In Rogen’s new book, Yearbook, he recounted events around that infamous tweet. It all started when Griffin was on an elevator with Rogen and Jonah Hill. Eddie thanked them for seeing his move, because “I’m black and you’re Jewish, motherf*ckers.”

When they tried to laugh off what he said as a joke, Eddie Griffin doubled down on what he just said. Then eh went into how Jews run Hollywood, a popular anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.


“I mean, you Jewish motherf*ckers run Hollywood, and you only make movies with other Jewish motherf*ckers.”

When Jonah Hill responded: “Sorry, I guess,” Eddie said, “Don’t be sorry. Tell your Jews to let other people make some movies.”

That was a lot to process, and Seth Rogen told all in his book. There are many other stories in Yearbook, including a wild time with Snoop Dogg. That same chapter that included the Eddie Griffin story also revealed that Rogen implored with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to do something about the excessive anti-Semitism and racism on Twitter.

What’s your take on what Eddie Griffin said? Is it a wonder that he hasn’t been in a movie for a while? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

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