The Flash is one of the more anticipated movies coming from the DCEU. The release of a new logo from director Andy Mushchietti has again added to the hype. The Scarlet Speedster, who is being played by Ezra Miller, is getting a completely new angle in the upcoming 2022 flick.

Director Andy Muschietti went on Instagram to raise eyebrows over the Flash’s new exciting logo, which will be part of the film. The detailing on the while circle underneath the iconic golden lightning flash symbol is astounding.

The Flash will focus on the Flashpoint Paradox arc, where The Flash goes back in time to save his mother, but by changing the events of the past, the repercussions of breaking the space-time continuum completely change the world.

The movie will feature Michael Keaton as Thomas Wayne, who plays the Batman of the alternate universe where Bruce Wayne died instead of him and Martha Wayne. The movie will be the 12st installment from the DCEU.

Nitish Vashishtha

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