Logan Paul brings a ton of attention to anything that he touches, and that includes boxing, YouTube, and even WWE. He has yet to step foot into the MMA world yet, but an offer is on the table.

There is some question about how Logan Paul REALLY did against Floyd Mayweather. New footage shows that Money likely KO’ed him and held Paul up for the end of a round.

While talking to MMA Fighting, Bellator head honcho Scott Coker talked about some dealings he had with Logan Paul in the past. He revealed that there were some talks with Paul, but he wanted to concentrate on boxing, which he did. That being said, if Logan Paul wants to step in a Bellator cage then Coker would be more than happy to welcome him.

“Logan and I talked two years ago. We met with his manager here in Miami, I was here for the Super Bowl. He was here for the Super Bowl and we met and we had about a two hour lunch. Great kid, seems super smart. I could tell that he wanted to get into fighting in a more serious manner and I asked him would you fight in mixed martial arts right now? He said ‘no, I’d rather focus on boxing’ and I said Ok, if you change your mind, let me now. So I’ve had a conversation with him and I’ve had a conversation with Jake as well about fighting in MMA.”


“For now they want to focus on boxing but if the opportunity was there, I definitely would put them in the cage. When I say that, they’re not going to go out and fight in a real fight against a guy like Gegard Mousasi or somebody that has that experience. We’d treat them like any other fighter with the experience that they have and take it from there.”

We’ll have to see what happens next. For the record, Logan Paul denies being held up by Mayweather to avoid a KO. That same trick wouldn’t work in Bellator.

Logan Paul is certain to bring a lot of eyeballs and cash to any situation he is involved in. Click here to find out how much Paul and Floyd Mayweather made off that exhibition boxing match. Bellator would certainly love to have a piece of that Logan Paul magic. The offer is on the table.

Will Logan Paul make a jump to MMA? Sound off in the comments!

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