Nicki Minaj might be a successful rapper now, but she also has a past that she isn’t ashamed to talk about. Minaj recently opened up to her fans in a big way by sharing a photo rarity: her 2003 mugshot. That was a bold move, and then she promptly hit delete.

Minaj might have deleted that mugshot from Instagram, but it lives on through Twitter. Several fans are now posting Nicki Minaj’s mugshot after she took it down after releasing it to the world.

The caption that Nicki penned for her now-deleted Instagram post was an open discussion about her checkered past and how she overcame a life where she thought she “was in a ghetto movie.” She also admitted to shooting a girl in the process.

“It took me years to be able to look at things like this. Criminal possession with the intent to use. I did use it tho. This is so inspiring to look back. The girl was leaking blood and spent days in the hospital. The word on the street was that I was gonna b deported. I was so scared. LOL. I was ‘on the run.’ I rlly thought I was in a ghetto movie. I hid my car and went to stay with my Aunt in Brooklyn chile. Bwahahahaaaa. #Growth.”

Thankfully, Nicki Minaj found much better days after that 2003 weapons arrest. Her message was heard loud and clear by many fans.

Minaj was charged with criminal possession of a weapon with intent to use. That was visible in the mugshot that she posted. Her social security number was also visible. That might have been the reason why she promptly deleted the photo.

You can check out her mugshot below, but we have posted versions with the social security number blurred out.

It has been almost 18 years since that day in Nicki Minaj’s life that she might like to forget. She has a mugshot to remember that experience. Now fans can hold onto that photo as well, even if she deleted it.

Why do you think that Nicki Minaj deleted her mugshot after posting it? Sound off in the comments!

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