UFC President Dana White is well aware of what Triller Fight Club is doing in the boxing world. He has also threatened legal action against them for tampering with contract already. Now he just wants them to “f*cking go away!”

While doing his post-UFC 262 press conference, Dana White was asked about Triller’s claims that he’s blocking fights, and even trying to steal Jake Paul for the UFC. White had a very explicit way of handling that accusation about Jake Paul.

He then sent a very straight-forward message to the higher-ups at Triller. While not calling anyone out by name, Dana White made it very clear that he just wants them to go away.

“What are you doing? I don’t even know what you’re doing. What is this thing you’re trying to build? What are you doing? What do I have to do with it? What do I have to do with it or my guys? Do your thing. What are you doing? Are you starting an MMA organization? … F*cking go away. Go do whatever you’re doing. Stop texting me. Stop calling me. Stop f*cking asking the media to ask me things, OK? Beat it. Get lost.”


Triller Fight Club has no plan to stop. They’ve made a ton of money already and plan to keep that momentum going. The idea of celebrity boxing in 2021 is obviously a winning recipe.

While guys like 6ix9ine are now coming up in conversations, there might be no shortage of opponents for Jake Paul either. The UFC doesn’t seem eager to help them in any way.

Do you think Triller Fight Club will go away or just become more successful? Sound off in the comments below!

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