If you’ve ever been to a pet store and seen a puppy, you might have the same thought as these celebs. Now a few of them are banding together to take on this practice of selling puppies in stores like that, because they’re often the product of puppy mills.

Alec Baldwin, Andy Cohen and Whitney Cummings are just some of the famous names involved in a new movement to stop puppy sales at pet stores in New York. They say it’s a heartless business that needs to be opened up and looked at much closer.

Those celebs have teamed up with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to support a New York bill that would shut down puppy mill pipelines. It’s hard to be against that.

The puppy mill industry is brutal on the dogs. Mother dogs are often forced to have far too many litters and the health of those puppies isn’t 100% maintained in every case. Genetic defects can also be an issue because some puppy mills are totally fine with incest.

Brooke Shields, Justin Theroux, Kristin Chenoweth, Sir Patrick Stewart and Edie Falco are all for this bill as well, because they signed a letter. This bill is looking to end puppy sales in NY pet stores, but it needs to be approved by the State Assembly before Governor Andrew Cuomo gets a chance to sign it.

Puppy mills are seriously cruel. Those mother dogs aren’t even given names, and are kept in dark rooms. They are simply used to breed and not allowed to enjoy life as a dog at all. That is not okay according to those celebs and they want the industry to shut down in their state.

H Jenkins

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