Ja Rule made a lot of money in his career, but the IRS wants to get paid as well. Now the IRS is taking Ja and his wife to court over $3 million that they claim the couple owes Uncle Sam.

The rapper and his wife Aisha Atkins are facing a $3 million lawsuit over alleged tax debt from the IRS. This is a reminder that paying your taxes is a very important thing to do, because the IRS will come after that money.

The IRS alleges that Ja Rule hasn’t paid any taxes in over ten years. He’s not a former POTUS, so he can’t get away with that. This seemingly endless battle with the Internal Revenue Service included that note about Ja skipping out on paying for the past decade in a 2018 report.

Now Jeffrey Atkins, Ja Rule’s real name, and his wife, Aisha Atkins, have been sued by the IRS for $3 million in alleged tax debt. Those tax issues have been documented over the years and it is said that they refused to hand over the back taxes. That is why a lawsuit was filed.


In a report from RadarOnline, it is alleged that “the government says the two owe a total of $3,139,237.76,” When you look at the breakdown of how much Ja Rule owes, it’s pretty hard to imagine the IRS simply forgetting about him.

“The breakdown is $357,421.23 (2005), $518,700.88 (2006), $348,087.49 (2007) $267,193 (2008), $198,817.99 (2009), $47,901.53 (2010), $128,926.37 (2012), $116,720.65 (2013), $229,577.62 (2014), $212,270.42 (2015), $526,431.46 (2016) and $187,188.52 (2017).”

For the record, Ja Rule is listed at having a net worth of $4 million, so the IRS wants pretty much all of that.

As of this writing, Ja Rule and his wife have not commented on this situation. He’s very active on social media and he’s also in the NFT market, selling a Fyre Festival painting for $122,000 last month. The government would probably like to have that NFT money, and a whole lot more.

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