Jake Paul’s name is making tons of headlines as people want to know what the Problem Child is up to next. New allegations have dropped about what he has allegedly already done and it’s quite concerning.

A new report from the New York Times details two new accounts of Jake Paul’s bullying and harassing ways at the Team 10 house, a rented mansion in Los Angeles. Paul and his influencer buddies moved into the house to create content.

At 14-years-old, AJ Mitchell was permitted by his parents to move into the Team 10 house. His account of living at the Team 10 house was full of sleeping on the floor as he witnessed the control that Jake Paul yielded all around him.

There was one time when Mitchell wanted to write a song on his keyboard only to discover that someone threw it in the pool for a YouTube video. He stayed in the house for 14 months, trying to gain a following and he desperately relied on Jake Paul’s assistance. During that time, he was never paid by Team 10, but he did make money on two deals.


“If you got tagged in one of Jake’s YouTube videos, you could get 50,000 followers. Jake would use that to manipulate everyone. If anyone didn’t do what Jake wanted, he’d tell everyone else in the house not to tag them. Jake had a monopoly, and he decided who got famous.”

Paul would allegedly host parties where alcohol and marijuana was available to minors. The get-togethers would also see guests in their 20s and 30s associating with teens. Mitchell said this led him to getting into a sexual relationship with a woman nearly a decade older than him. 

“He was the boss. I was a baby. I had a baby face. I feel like that’s just weird now.”

Actress and model Railey Lollie also worked with Paul when she was 17. She told the publication that he would refer to her as “jailbait” and mock her appearance. In 2017, she also said he groped her, but she stopped him and he ran away.

“I was with Jake for months, and I saw what kind of person he was behind the scenes and what kind of person he put out to the rest of the world.”

Paul also electrically shocked people without warning and pressured people to jump off the roof into his pool. These allegations are a bit concerning as they have surfaces following Justine Paradise coming forward and accusing Jake Paul of sexual assault, an allegation that he staunchly denies, and he is currently seeking out a defamation of character lawsuit against her.

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