Batista has faced some pretty big acting challenges already. A lot of money is behind every take and he needs to hit his cues. All of that pressure isn’t anything compared to WrestleMania.

WWE Superstars really only get one take. There are no re-shoots when thousands of fans are watching live. Batista understands that pressure and he had no problem discussing it at Justice Con.

“No. No, they couldn’t be any more different. I mean there are some stresses that come out or come with a movie release. And there’s a lot of pressure, especially when you’re a lead of a film. Like, you really want to produce. But, nothing is like the pressure of WrestleMania, I’ve never experienced anything like it. But, I’ve also never experienced anything like the adrenaline rush of WrestleMania. I mean, when you’re performing in front of 90-100 people the pressure is tremendous. But also, the reward is tremendous.”

“There’s just nothing like it. You can understand…It’s such a hard thing to step away from that. It’s addictive. Man, I just couldn’t imagine ever getting that feeling from anything else other than that live performance in front of that many people. Where people are just so ravenous for wrestling to just come from all over the world to witness this. There’s nothing as big as WrestleMania. I’ve been to a lot of sporting events. I’ve never experienced anything as big as WrestleMania.”

WWE Superstars have a ton of pressure on them. If anything, they don’t want to get chewed out by Vince McMahon backstage.

Batista’s time in the squared circle is over. He has no desire to make a return and take bumps in the ring. His career in film will continue as he tackles one big part after another.

H Jenkins

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