Samantha LaRusso, played by Mary Mouser in the action-packed series Cobra Kai, is the archnemesis to Peyton List’s Tory Nichols. The two started off on the wrong foot from the very beginning. Tory is suspected of stealing her mother’s wallet and when she tries to check Tory’s pursue, she gets shoved into a dessert table.

The two continue to have a tense relationship. When Sam finds out that Miguel (Xolo Maridueña), her ex, is who Tory is dating, their tensions get sparked further. After an intoxicated Sam kisses Miguel, she only gets set up for a painful confrontation by Tory on the next day at school.

In an Instagram Live Q&A from last year, Mary was asked whether she actually hated her on-screen enemy Peyton List, and her response to the question was rather interesting.

I guess that’s a good thing because if they only watch the show and they think we hate each other so I guess we’re doing our jobs.

The actor then went on to reveal that she was rather nervous to meet List and think of her as her onscreen rival from the get go, and that she was further confused with the fact that other characters had already worked out how to look at their onscreen rivals.

I was like, ‘okay this is a karate rival, like this is what they’re all talking about.’ Tanner [Buchanan who plays Robby Keene] has one. And Ralph [Macchio who plays Daniel LaRusso] of course has one. I was like this is my karate rival. And then after meeting you I was like ‘oh my god she’s so nice

Peyton List also felt the similar nervousness regarding her onscreen counterpart. She said that there’s no real line drawn and she wondered whether Mary is going to start taking control of things.

With females it’s different when you have a rival coming in or whatever it is. It’s just nerve-wracking, and you never know… So you were so embracing and so kind. Because like coming in as the new girl I was nervous because you don’t know if a girl’s like ‘this is my show. You need to move back,’ you know.

While the two don’t hate each other and are great friends off-camera, fans should expect a lot more heat between the rivals in the upcoming season 4 of Cobra Kai, where the characters will face new challenges.

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