Khloe Kardashian’s photo scandal is still making waves and now filmmaker Nick Bilton is calling the family out for their fake lifestyles.

Bilton, British-American journalist, author, and film producer, is also a special correspondent for Vanity Fair. He appeared on The Tamron Hall Show and he took the entire Kardashian family to task for fabricating such lavish lifestyles for the camera.

“Well look at the Kardashians, I mean that is the epitome of fake right. They fake their tax returns, so that they could appear on the cover of Forbes as billionaires, even though they’re not. They fake photoshoots, they fake everything. I mean this is just the society we live in today as a result of social media and those numbers.”

“That photo was a before and after photo. She posted the after of course on her social media, and one of her assistants posted the before, and the before is not as flattering.”


Bilton also said that the scandal is a “perfect example of the fakeness that goes into a lot of these photoshoots.” Forbes did recently declare that Kim K is a billionaire and they used the success of her line of beauty products and endorsements to arrive at that number.

Khloe Kardashian went online to prove that her photos aren’t Photshopped. This also landed her plenty of endorsement opportunities from various fitness brands.

This is the second time Khloe has been called out by a public figure over the leaked photo. Actress Jameela Jamil posted screenshots of Khloe’s statement and urged her to “admit to surgeries, thinning photographs and videos.” The body-positive activist posed the suggestion to Khloe in hopes of her portraying a more honest image of herself on social media so that she can “stop being part of the culture that makes girls like her hate herself.” It looks like the backlash against Khloe and her superstar family is far from over. They might want to consider a new PR tactic.

H Jenkins

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