Funk Flex has been one of the free rappers who continue to voice himself without any real fear of criticism. The rapper has always stayed true to his heart, saying whatever he feels like saying to whoever he wants.

After the 52 year old rapper had a sit-down at the Cigar Talk show, he revealed exactly what ticks him off about the rappers in the current scenario. According to him, the worst thing about a rapper is how they choose to handle online criticism from fans.

You know what’s the most disgusting part about a rapper? A rapper that turns his comments off is a pussy. He’s fucking pussy. You’re on your phone all day talking tough, you writing your bars, you putting out your mixtape, you’ve got your guns in the video and you turn off your comments you pussy. What kind of banana shit is that? Have you seen a rapper turn off his comments?

If you’re a rapper right now, I’ma tell you something. I’ma tell you about yourself, that you turn your comments off you pussy. You go to your phone, you go to the post, you see a few comments you don’t like, you go, ‘That’s not true. He supposed to be my man, how dare he say that. I’ma go to the settings, I’ma turn my comments off.’ A rapper really does that. Man — and you want respect?


Since the rapper has been a loose cannon as of late, he also commented on the fact that while DMX was an integral part of the music industry, he did not receive help from anyone sooner, and ended up going too soon.

The music business is a gorilla. It’s a bottomless pit of happiness or depression. I don’t wanna say people don’t help you, but I do want to say there are people who actually know [when a star is struggling, but don’t help] sometimes. You don’t always get the best help when money is being made. It’s rough for someone like a DMX who may be in a mental and emotional state of childhood trauma that has happened to him and then being thrown into the money and fame.

Amid all the criticisms he’s been throwing around, it seems that he’s keeping himself busy and productive. The rapper also showcased a new single recently alongside  4PF rapper 42 Dugg. His new album is about to drop soon and will feature the likes of 50 Cent, DaBaby, Lil Baby, Kodak Black and many more.

Nitish Vashishtha

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