Paris Hilton knows how to dress- both herself and her pups.

The star went on a shopping spree at Privé Porter, a reseller of Hermès Birkin bags in Miami and purchased two a purse for herself and for her tiny Chihuahua, Diamond Baby.

The pup has got it good, some would argue, with an Hermès Micro Kelly Charm priced at $5,500. The tiny purse is fully functional and is just two inches in diameter, with a lined interior complete with a mini Hermès Twilly scarf.

In a video posted on her Instagram stories, Hilton’s pooch can be seen biting into some of the decorative packaging that the store had wrapped up the accessory in.


Hilton posted a number of videos of her tiny canine playing with it on her Instagram. Although it seems Diamond was excited about her new toy, Hilton might just be saving the accessory for a future child.

While we envy the little canine, why don’t you go ahead and let us know your thoughts on this? Leave your comments below.

Teresa Williams

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