50 Cent & Young Buck have been beefing for years, and everyone thought it was genuine, but Buck says otherwise. Buck created a video which he uploaded on YouTube on the March 11, where he talks about how all the beefs and controversy they’ve both gone through is all part of an elaborate show.

We ain’t got no muthafuckin’ beef. You understand me? That’s what you muthafuckas get ’cause you muthafuckas are always chasing this beef shit, and then we done played y’all muthafuckin’ ass. Whole time, bro.

However, after Fiddy addressed the issue in a comment, it seems that he disagrees with Young Buck and is implying that Buck is trying to control damage.

🤦‍♂️, he only makes a fool of himself. And the transgender man he was dating for a year gets angry every time he says he got catfished. stop lying! Damn.


Buck has opened up about the allegation that Fifty has been making for years and years. In an interview with VladTV, Buck revealed that while he was tricked into meeting a transgender, he realized that there was something fishy about it and urges that nothing sexual happened on that day.

It was one of those things where I was catfished out of some shit pretty much. A person was in these DMs sending pussy [pictures] squirting all over the room and pop up and say ‘I’m in your city. Me, at the time, thinking with my dick, I smashed over there thinking I’m gonna smash on this bitch and walk in the situation — it wasn’t even me knowing what the person was at the time, it was me feeling like, hold on, this is a fucking robbery or set-up because when I realized, ‘Hold on, that ain’t the same muthafucka that’s been in the video,’ I immediately got the fuck out of the room.

While Buck is trying to sell the narrative that they have a fake beef together, Fiddy has been growing stronger on his stances. He even said that he would never reunite with G-Unit, even going as far as to claim to DJ Whoo Kid that he wished the crew never existed.

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