Eminem was recently the target of Gen Z as they failed in an attempt to cancel him. Slim Shady is taking more fire, and this time it’s from a rapper who claims he can “spank” him.

Nasty C, an up-and-coming South African rapper, jumped on Instagram Live to berate Em. He said that he can “spank” the legendary rapper. He didn’t diss all of his bars, but Nasty C did say that Eminem’s lines just aren’t relatable anymore.

I tell you what, I can actually spank Eminem. The reason I say this ‘cause recent Eminem is not really relatable. He is dope, and bars are out of this world, but he is not relatable. If you are a rapper, you go crazy over it, if you are a normal person, it’s like you get at the end of the verse, and you are like, “What did he just say? What? What the fuck was that?” You know what I mean? Me, on the other hand, I can do both. I can totally make no sense to a normal person, or I can be super relatable. I can spank Eminem. I know you guys don’t believe this. Come on, don’t doubt me like that, came on, dawg

Nasty C’s comments started to get flooded with “Cap” emojis. Then he spoke about how his girl prefers his skills to Eminem’s because Marshall Mathers raps too fast.


This girl here just said Eminem raps too fast for her. You know what I mean? I don’t know no girls who listen to Eminem. Which girl do you know listens to Eminem? If I went upstairs right now and I just started playing Eminem, my girl would look at me like I’m crazy. She would probably throw a pillow at me or some shit like that. On the other hand, if I go there, and I play some of my shit, my girl would be smiling and be like, “Oh, what’s the occasion?”

We’ll have to see if Eminem responds to this dig. He might let this one slide so he can avoid signal boosting Nasty C’s opinion about his lyrics not being “relatable.” At least Nasty C’s girl seems to like his rapping over Eminem’s style.

You can check out the video below to see exactly what Nasty C had to say.

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