Zack Snyder’s Justice League officially released on HBO Max and fans are already raving about it. They sure don’t seem to mind the 4-hour long runtime. However, the project was initially supposed to release as a miniseries!

Before the announcement that made fans leap in joy after the debacle that the original Justice League was, rumors went around that the project would possibly be a six-chapter miniseries when it finally hit HBO Max.

In a new and candid interview, Snyder spilled all the details of what happened behind the scenes that led to his director’s cut moving away from a miniseries release, and obviously, lawyers were involved.

In an interview with Deadline, Snyder said:


“Frankly, I think that there was some legal rumbling about the dividing up of a movie into four parts, and does it become a TV show, and does it void all the contracts. And I was like, look, guys, I don’t want to become…this sounds like we’re going to get in the weeds on this, and it’s a disaster, so let’s just not make legal precedent out of this movie, and I’ll just stick to my four-hour opus.”

The four-hour-long approach seems to have worked well in Snyder’s favour. Despite the gargantuan runtime, critics have praised Zack Snyder’s Justice League as a significant improvement over the Whedon version that released in 2017.

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