Cardi B & Rah have hated each other for years and it is no big secret. In 2018, there ensued a whole lot of slinging shoes at the New York Fashion Week between the two, and that incident also featured Nicki Minaj.

That was when Nicki Minaj and Rah Ali teamed up on Cardi, and Nicki Minaj even appeared on the Queen Radio to talk about how Rah Ali, her good friend, really stuck it to Cardi by reportedly punching her. Since then, the feud had cooled down and everyone just sort of swept it under the rug, until now.

Rah took to her It’s On website and posted a diss track about Cardi, and even mentioned her daughter Kulture. For a feud between two female rappers, this has gotten particularly vicious.

Cardi B was very quick to retort back, as she also acknowledged that going after someone’s children is a below-the-belt move.


B*tches post me on they sh*t everyday and I haven’t said a word and that’s what bothers them soo they try to play wit the person I don’t play about and that’s my child. Yet, victimize themselves when some1 says they beating the baby out of them after months of her harassing a b*tch.

She’s disgusting .Blocking and deleting people telling her she’s wrong for posting something mentioning my child …but she only try me and Ari for the clout but on my life imma handle her in person. Say wat you want but you not going 2 try me wit my kid.

Cardi also accused Rah of gaslighting in order to instigate Rah and get a response out of her. Rah was quick to respond though, as she again resorted to personal insults, going as far as mocking Cardi for the way she speaks.

Cardi, shut yo dumb non English speaking ass up. I’m tired of trying to sound out your sentences. If you have a problem, take it up with the person wwho wrote the diss track not me because my media company @Its_Onsite posted it. I didn’t mention your child nor would I ever. The person who wrote the diss track did. You are a BOZO! and you’re not going to do SH*T. Why don’t you pick up a pen and write back? That’s not an option huh?]

Cardi’s fans took to Twitter to call out Rah as well as tell Cardi not to mind her too much, as all she wants is Cardi’s attention.

Nitish Vashishtha

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