JWOWW is loved by her fans because she’s one of the most reasonable and likable characters in the Jersey Shore. Now she unraveled her goofy side in a new YouTube video that was posted on her channel.

The video was titled “If Jersey Shore Producers Were Honest,” where Jenni Farley takes a trip back to the Season 1 of the MTV show and steps into the producers’ shoes.

With a little producer hat on, JWOWW enacted their roles and took every opportunity to have fun discussing the cast members of the JS’ season 1, which was premiered in 2009.

She also dressed up as several other characters from the show to parody them, which only deepened the lethality of her punches. Farley got right many things right in the video, as she acted as a confused producer when talking about the term “guido”, saying “I don’t even know what a guido is? Like what is it?”


Angelina Pivarnick also got trolled as JWOWW talked about how she proclaimed herself to be “the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island.” Mike Sorrentino got the worst of it as “The Situation” was his nickname. JWOWW struck a well measured blow as she said “Did this guy just name his abs? Who is this guy?” Check out JWOWW’s hilarious video here.

Nitish Vashishtha

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