While the Grammys are over, the buzz surrounding everything that happened in that evening still pervades. While Lil Baby didn’t win anything at the Grammys, he gave an amazing performance of his song “The Bigger Picture” for which many lauded him.

While “The Bigger Picture” gained two nominations for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance, it didn’t win. However, that is not going to affect Lil Baby, as he told MTV News in an interview he gave before the Grammys started.

I mean, for my people, it’ll mean a lot, but for me, I wake up the same way I went to sleep the night before I won. But for my people, just to say I won and just, I’m wit it for that. But just far as me, I ain’t into it like that. For the most part, my body here, but my mind and soul don’t be here. So, a lot of stuff I do, I just let my body do it and my mind be somewhere else. I don’t get too wrapped up into it. To me, I’m a regular dude. But my body, Lil Baby, he famous. In my head, I can kinda step back a little bit and be a regular person. That’s how I stay humble.

He also confirmed the big rumor that him and Lil Durk are collaborating and creating a joint album together. While it doesn’t have a title yet, he speculated that it’ll be called The Voice of the Heroes.

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