A few weeks ago, nobody knew what NFTs (non-fungible tokens) were, but now they’re the new buzzword that pervades all of social media. While artists such as Grimes and Jack Dorsey have racked up millions by selling their digital media as NFTs, it seems that Musk is in the race as well.

Elon Musk took to Twitter to drop a preview to an EDM song that he had made about NFTs. His caption was perhaps unintentionally hilarious, though it is not unlike the “Technoking of Tesla” to troll.

While the song consists of instrumentals, there are little snippets of lyrics here and there, saying “NFT for your vanity / Computers never sleep / It’s verified / It’s guaranteed.” The lyrics suggest that Musk thinks of NFTs and cryptos in general as vanity, but the value within them is real and there if you capitalize on them, the returns are guaranteed.

Though it has not been long since Elon posted the song on sale on Valuables, he has already received a bid for the song standing at $1.1 million. While Elon’s content is generally snarky, one Twitter user in particular stood out as he said “I’m selling this screenshot of Elon’s song he’s selling about NFTs as an NFT as an NFT.”

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