Southside, who is one of the two producers for the songwriting & record production team 808 Mafia, went into police custody in Miami after firearms charges were pressed against him on Sunday, as per NBC Miami.

Joshua Luellen (Southside) also got charged with driving while carrying a suspended driving license that had ran out of validity in 2019. He was stopped by the cops after they noticed that the windshields of his Mercedes Benz were heavily tainted. Upon inquiring for his driving license, they found out that his license had been expired since the last 2 years.

After cops found two fully-loaded handguns in his car, Joshua revealed that he had concealed carry licenses for them. However, the license only permits the owner to put the firearms into the glovebox or a lockbox. Southside was in violation of this and ended up getting arrested. One officer revealed to Joshua exactly why he was in violation:

I advised Joshua that he was in violation of his CCW permit by having the firearms within reach and not secured in the glove box or encased in a box inside the vehicle.


After being booked and processed at the Miami-Dade Corrections Center, Southside was released on a $5,500 bond. Southside also made headlines last week after stating that he would like to stop producing music after the next 808 Mafia project gets finished, and focus on finessing new talent instead.

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