Rob Gronkowski is one of the best football players of all time, which is no big secret. When he first started his journey with the New England Patriots, his effect on the field was immediately discernable, and he’s tried harder and harder to unleash his peak performance ever since.

After taking a short retirement, he got back with his old friend Tom Brady and took over the Super Bowl for the fourth time, playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now that he’s a free agent, things are a bit different and the decisions he makes with his career will have a larger impact on everything.

He appeared on the “10 Questions,” Kyle Brandt’s The Ringer show, and briefly answered some questions about what will his next few moves be while going through with the free agency. He explained that though he would like to play for the Buccaneers again, he would still like to get the full experience of the free agency, as he has never done that before in his career.

I definitely want to be back with the Buccaneers. That’s where my eyesight is. That’s where I’m leaning toward, big time. But with the free agency process, you just never know what may happen. There’s some other teams interested out there, too. I’ve also never been a part of the free agency process, so I actually want to dip my toes in, just to see what’s out there,” Gronkowski said. “It’s pretty rare to see someone to ever even finish a contract in the NFL, so that was pretty special there. But I’ve never been a free agent before, but I’m planning on being a free agent after every season. I feel like I’m a one-year deal guy for the rest of my career — even if I play 10 more years. I’m going to be a one-year deal guy, a free agent every year, and just control my destiny every year.


While he’s not going to commit to any long term deals, as that would defeat the entire purpose of a free agency, Gronk would have fun getting into teams for the sole purpose of winning the championships. Since he’s already established himself as one of the very best, all he can really do is shine brighter and brighter in the field.

Nitish Vashishtha

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