Nicki Minaj has been trending constantly for more than a year. Recently however, she had absolutely nothing to do with the Grammys. While she wasn’t nominated, performing or appearing in the Grammys, she was still trending and that only speaks for her massive fandom.

Last year, Nicki Minaj called out the Recording Academy saying that they had chosen to give the Grammy that she deserved for the Best New Artist in 2012 to the “white man Bon Iver” after her album “Pink Friday” had become a record-breaking hit.

After Doja Cat gave one of the most stunning performances in all year at the Grammys, she still had zero wins or recognition. The problem is that she was dominating the charts last year much in the same way as Nicki Minaj did when she had just entered the industry, and yet the two are being overlooked by the Recording Academy in much of the same way. She also made a tweet about Nicki Minaj, which she immediately deleted.

Many fans were upset and went on to express their feeling about Doja Cat being ignored at the Grammys. She is turning out to amass a great fandom for herself, and yet the Recording Academy failed to recognize her genius. (


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