Lil Wayne has been keeping it a bit light since a while. He hasn’t really given as many public appearances, while also not releasing as much music as he has throughout the years as well. However, it seems that he is developing a little bit of an anti-establishment sentiment after he took to Twitter to condemn the Grammys last night.

After Lil Wayne was nominated for several Grammys back in 2017 and won only one, he has not been nominated at all since then. Last year, the artist had a lot of criticism against the Grammys, where he took to Twitter and said:

As an artist, when I see da Grammys coming up & I’m not involved nor invited; I wonder. Is it me , my musik, or just another technicality?

Lil Wayne isn’t the only one who has been speaking out against the Grammys. Recently, The Weeknd announced that he would no longer be letting the Grammys nominate him after disallowing his label from submitting his music as an artist after his absolute domination of the Billboard Top 100 & Billboard Top 200 went unrecognized.


Lil Wayne took to Twitter and criticized the Grammys in a very simple way. It’s unclear whether he’s being critical of the Grammys in a much deeper way or he’s just pissed that he’s not nominated this year. Let us know what you think below.

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