The Game has been working up in the world of rap. After releasing a bombastic album The Documentary with the rap classic Aftermath, he instantly blew up. After 9 albums later, working with the best rappers and celebrities and going through his fair share of legal trouble, The Game is fairly experienced.

After having one of the most celebrated artists in rap, The Game gave the redpill to other people who have been trying to enter the rap game or modelling.

Every n***a ain’t a rapper & every woman ain’t a model. Most of these rappers ain’t got it like you think & most of these models ain’t what you see on the net in person. Perception is a mf!

A lot of fans were moved by the truth in his tweet and agreed, while others wondered how he came about having such a critical take on the world. Perhaps he simply got too annoyed by people faking it in the world.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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