Rapper 2 Chainz surely knows his worth as he claims his work ethic is unmatched, hinting at the release of a new documentary and a number of new songs.

The rapper quite famously claimed himself to be “Different,” and while there are many unique qualities that set 2 Chainz apart from his peers, one of the most notable distinctions has to be his work ethic. 

2 Chainz dropped three albums in the past four years and is still working on new music and plotting out future releases.

The rapper took to Instagram to tease a batch of newly-recorded songs as well as an upcoming documentary.


“I don’t think some people understand how much and how hard I work, so im putting a documentary together anyway, “Tonight I did 2 songs with @junethejenius, I did a song last nite and 3 songs nite before that, you see I talk in past tense cause I ain’t been to sleep yet so it’s not tomorrrow yet to me, if that makes any sense at all.”

In the next clip, 2 Chainz boasted the fruits of his labor – an unfoldable stack of cash and an upcoming banger. We don’t know whether he’s already working on his follow-up to star-studded So Help Me God, but knowing 2 Chainz, in all probability, we’ll see another studio album before 2021 comes to an end.

Have a look at his preview below and let us know if you’re excited about his upcoming projects in the comments below.

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