Ever since the basketball legend’s passing, Kobe Bryant memorabilia has become more and more demanded by fans and basketball enthusiasts. Fans have been trying their best to collect as much Kobe Bryant memorabilia as possible, since it will always remain a valued commodity, only growing rarer with time.

The latest piece of his memorabilia that has been auctioned has its origins to the basketball legend’s final game. The piece in question is a ticket from Kobe’s final game, which has been signed off by himself.

Only a few months ago, a piece of hardcourt from the said game sold for a hefty six-figure sum, and now the signed ticket has been sold for $40,590, as reported by business/sports reporter Darren Rovell.

Golden Auction has been the most successful so far in selling the most Kobe Bryant memorabilia. If you are sitting on any treasured contents that might be related to Kobe, you might be able to make a hefty sum off them.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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