Kodak Black is one of those rappers who tend to create trends as they go along. While he doesn’t really get the credit for doing certain things, such as popularizing the term “Broccoli” as a reference for weed, or by being the first one to use the acronym called “WAP.”

Ever since he came back from prison, he has been really busy creating music as well as creating a huge impression on the social media. The rapper is entitled to his fair share of respect, and he decided to ask for it, this time from Lil Baby.

I was just listening to my boy Lil Baby’s song. He was on my dawg Lil Durk’s song. He said, ‘Posting money on the ‘Gram, I invented that’ or some crazy sh*t like that. Stop playing, Lil Baby. This was in 2016. Spread game too nasty.

In the video, Kodak is seen spreading $100 dollar bills on his arms & legs, implying that he started the trend 5 years ago. In recent weeks, the trend has again re-emerged and the fame he deserved from the trend has not been given to him.

This just a matter of fact! I ain’t dissing nobody, ion even know y’all. I’m just saying and this not to say the respect level ain’t on either side, but you know…

He later clarified that Lil Baby and him have no animosity against each other, saying:

Before y’all think a n***a being petty, I don’t give a f*ck about none of this sh*t, man. I ain’t married to none of these anthems. This sh*t ain’t about nothing. I’m really just putting this sh*t out there. Y’all let me have my sh*t, man. Y’all know y’all f*cked up about me. Y’all know I’m a big influence to you n***as. Y’all like putting the respect on my sh*t.

Nitish Vashishtha

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