‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ Tessica Brown’s viral sensationalism brought about some copycats, one of whom tried to make money off of her name and misfortune.

Someone decided to impersonate Tessica Brown and then started their own GoFundMe page, where they pretended to be Brown. The GoFundMe page was made to pay for what seemed like a hospital bill. The bill showed that the total medical expenses were around $186k.

The fake account claimed the hospital was charging her for medical expenses after it came to be known that she was trying to raise money for the bills online. Due to this imposter, Tessica Brown’s real GoFundMe page came under fire as fraud allegations were meted against Brown.

Of course, as most people know by now, those allegations were debunked. The imposter’s “bill” looked legitimately enough to actually fool some people as the account managed to raise $500.


According to a report by TMZ, it seems the imposter didn’t even get a whiff of that money as a rep suspended the account as soon as it came to know about the imposter.

Many were suspicious of the account as  the imposter’s goal was only $25k but the bill was $186k. We can hope other people can stop trying to take advantage of Brown’s misfortune.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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