Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones seems to have his sights set on his rival Daniel Cornier yet again.

The two have a storied rivalry that fans of UFC are certainly well aware about. Daniel Cornier, who won both the UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight titles at one point, recently took a jab at Jones by stating that Jones doesn’t have have enough power to knock out heavyweights.

This led to an immediate reply from Jones on Monday, who returned fire on Cornier by uploading a clip of him knocking out Daniel Cornier at UFC 214 when they squared off against each other for the light heavyweight title.

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Cornier responded to the video clip where he said:

“There is a difference punch vs kick, you’re still as dumb as you’ve always been, you’ll never surprise me. Dance for me, I can always make you move. And lastly, this fight didn’t count if you forgot there was an issue…… remember?”

Jones replied the next day, where he said the following:

“33 years old with the option to be retired, took a break from the game with records you could only dream of, was clever enough to set you up with a head kick and crush one of your biggest sporting goals, yet you call me the dumb one, that insult really did the trick DC.”

One fan took to Twitter and said that he hopes Jones and Cornier can one day bury the hatchet.

”Hopefully one of these days you will BOTH be able to bury the hatchet and realize that your rivalry was one of the best in MMA during this era.”

Jones responded to the fan by asking Cornier if he was done with the ‘bu******”

What do you say DC, friends? Are you done with the bullshit?

Jon Jones is currently preparing for his heavyweight debut and will face the winner of UFC 260’s Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou match.

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