Conway The Machine seems to be playing with fire after he retweeted a tweet that was clearly a rumor about potential collaboration between himself, Eminem and The Alchemist.

After retweeting, The Machine added a tweet to the thread which said “I’m just here for the comments.” The tweet says “POSSIBLE PROJECT IN COLLABORATION BETWEEN EMINEM, CONWAY AND ALCHEMIST CAN BE ON THE WAY, NOTHING CONFIRMED UNTIL THE MOMENT!!!”

Conway recently revealed that he is no longer signed to the Eminem owned Shady Records. While being a guest on the Joe Budden podcast in November 2020, he said:

I’m off Shady. I’m actually a free agent. It feels great,” he told Budden. “Who Made The Sunshine was it. I already spoke to Paul [Rosenberg]. Everything’s good. Like, everything’s signed, sealed and delivered I have my paperwork, like I’m off Shady.


He also addressed the rumors of his beef with Griselda, saying that:

I’m one of those type of dudes I’m not no public talkin’ n-gga. That’s just how I move. It’s like sayin’ me and Benny or me and Conway or Conway and Benny or whoever, we might have a disagreement, but the world will never know. We still gonna be brothers and cousins. It’s the same way even with business, because at the end of the day, this a big world. Even if somebody else is a sucka, I’m never gonna play that sucka role.

It will be interesting to see if the three lay down a track soon. Only time will tell but keep checking back to Thirsty for News for updates.

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