Billie Eilish has a new doc out, and she revealed something that nobody knew before. The popular singer had a secret boyfriend.

Apple TV+ features a new doc for Eilish called “The World’s A Little Blurry.” In said documentary, the famous singer revealed that she had a boyfriend nobody knew about. She raved about her boyfriend, calling him “so fine.” It wasn’t the best situation as they had some ups and downs in their relationship.

Eilish revealed that she fought with her boyfriend about his destructive behaviors, including drinking and driving. She told him, “I don’t want you to do that. I feel like you don’t take me seriously when I say that. I just want you safe.”

Things came to a head at Coachella in 2019 when she grew frustrated that he did not make time to meet up with her. Then she told her parents about her BF’s destructive life choices, including him punching a wall until his hand was broken.


She then confirmed that the two ended their relationship.

“I just wasn’t happy, and I didn’t want the same things he wanted, and I don’t think that’s fair for him. I don’t think you should be in a relationship super excited about certain things that the other person couldn’t care less about. I don’t think that’s fair to you. I didn’t think that was fair to him. And there was just a lack of effort, I think. I literally was just like, ‘Dude, you don’t even have enough love to love yourself. You can’t love me, dude. And you don’t. You think you do.’”

Billie Eilish also revealed that she used to cut herself when she was 14 and 15 years old. Dark stuff. She seems to have much better mental clarity now. You can check it out in the video below.

Thanks to US Magazine for the quote

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