Gina Carano, who played the role of Cara Dune in The Mandalorian, was recently fired from the show by Lucasfilm and they had “no plans for her to be in the future.”

She was fired after a series of troubling posts on social media, including her comparing the condition of Jews during the Holocaust with the Republicans in America currently. Carano had also made fun of the use of pronouns on her Twitter bio and was not sorry about it. She had simply written ‘beep/bop/boop’ in her bio.

Now it seems the actress has not taken her firing lying down by issuing an apology. Instead, she has decided to target Disney. According to a report by Deadline, Carano claimed that executives at Disney+ and  Lucasfilm were ‘bullies.’

“I’ve been through so much, and I’ve seen so much now, clearly, of the bullying that’s been taking place, and I saw it before,” Carano reportedly tells conservative commentator Ben Shapiro of “The Daily Wire” in her first interview since being ousted, which will air on his show Sunday. “I’m not the only one that’s ever been bullied by this company, and I know that so deeply.”


She added, “I could share a story which would turn things around in the media but I can’t because it would sell out a friend. … Everyone is afraid of losing their job.”

Carano then told Shapiro that she was aware of executives watching her long before the firing.

“You know how boxers head-hunt sometimes and forget to go for the body? I feel like Disney or Lucasfilm or whoever it is, just certain people at that company…I feel like I’ve been being head-hunted (…) and you can feel it. Just a couple of weeks ago, Lucasfilm asked an artist that they employ to erase my character and put a different character in place, and he proudly announces this on Twitter, and erases my character and puts another character in place. All the fans of Cara Dune were just outraged. They were like ‘Why didn’t you add the character? Why did you have to take off the character? Is there something wrong? Is Gina getting fired?”

As reported by Deadline, Carano has no intention of apologizing for what she has done and will ‘go down swinging.’

“I was prepared at any point to be let go, because I’ve seen this happen to so many people,” Carano will say. ” I’ve seen the looks on their faces. I’ve seen the bullying that takes place, and so when this started, they point their guns at you, and you know it’s only a matter of time. I’ve seen it happen to so many people, and I just thought to myself (…) ‘you’re coming for me, I know you are.’ They’re making it very obvious through their employees who were coming for me, and so I was like, ‘I’m going to go down swinging and I’m going to stay true to myself.’”

We will have to see who will ultimately replace Carano in the third season of The Mandalorian.

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