The COVID-19 pandemic has taken over the world since last year and one of the essential ways of preventing the virus includes wearing a mask so that the virus won’t spread to others.

Recently, a fake post about Megan Fox became viral on social media, as it made it appear as if she was against wearing masks as Fox wanted to “trust the universe” to keep her family and friends safe.

According to the Pop Crave twitter handle, the fake post was photoshopped using one of Fox’s posts from 2014.

It turns out the viral post of Megan Fox’s supposed statement regarding mask wearing is fake. The image was photoshopped using one of her posts from 2014.

Due to the fake post, several people criticized Megan Fox to the point that she had to step in and debunk the post itself.

Fox was shocked just how easily people can believe anything they see on the Internet and were ready to insult her.

“I’ve never made any statements regarding wearing masks. Scary that you can go viral and possibly be socially crucified for something you haven’t done,” she wrote on her Instagram story, responding to the falsified post. “The internet is so FUN.” 

Despite the unwarranted social media backlash, Fox is currently very happy with her relationship with artist Machine Gun Kelly,

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