Get ready for more legal drama as a Suits spinoff is in development, set in the bustling city of Los Angeles. This spinoff is expected to occur “in the same timeframe” as the original series, adding an exciting new chapter to the Suits universe.

“Suits,” which originally aired on the USA Network for nine seasons from 2011 to 2019, has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity thanks to streaming platforms like Netflix and Peacock, where all 134 episodes are available for viewers to binge. The series has consistently dominated streaming charts, prompting the development of this new spinoff.

Beatrice Springborn, the president of Universal International Studios and UCP, shared details about the upcoming Suits spinoff during a U.K. industry conference called Content London. Although she referred to the show as “Suits L.A.,” a source informed Variety that this is not the official title. Springborn described the series as “fun and happy” and indicated that it is currently in development.

Continuing the world of Suits has proven to be enticing for buyers, as it offers a well-established and engaging setting. Springborn noted that many streaming platforms are seeking ongoing series that are easy to watch, and Suits has a massive following on Netflix.


The Suits spinoff is being described as a “prestigural,” blending elements of “prestige drama” and “procedural.” Springborn emphasized the importance of not just great fashion but also excellent storytelling and character development for the success of such a series.

Notably, Suits previously had a spinoff called “Pearson,” which followed Gina Torres’ character, Jessica Pearson, to Chicago. While “Pearson” ran for only one season consisting of 10 episodes in 2019, it recently became available on Peacock for streaming.

The new Suits spinoff is expected to introduce new characters and storylines while staying within the same universe as the original series. While it won’t be a sequel or a full-fledged spinoff, it will offer fans more legal intrigue to enjoy. At this time, it remains uncertain whether the series will air on the USA Network like its predecessor or find its home on another platform.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Suits spinoff set in Los Angeles? Are you excited to see new characters and storylines within the Suits universe, or do you have any specific expectations for the series? Leave a comment below.

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