Blueface remains one of the most controversial yet headline-making rappers in the hip-hop world right now. The rapper recently made headlines when he satisfied his hunger cravings in a rather expensive way.

On a private jet journey from Atlanta to Los Angeles with his fiancée Jordyn Alexis, Blueface’s appetite got the best of him, leading to a detour that actually cost him $10,000, shocking fans.

The incident unfolded in a video shared on Blueface’s Instagram Story. The rapper, visibly hungry, began pleading with the pilot to make an unscheduled stop for a burger.

Bruh I’m hungry, ay tell the pilot to stop and get me a burger real quick bro.”


An audibly frustrated colleague tried to reason with Blueface, reminding him that they were en route to Los Angeles and that turning the plane around would force them to pay a fee of about $10,000. Even then, the rapper did not relent and was adamant about having a burger.

Turn around? The f**k we gonna turn around for?” Blueface questions. “Tell him to land this motherf**ker right here in Atlanta bro. I’m gonna get a burger real quick bro.”

In a subsequent video, Blueface returns to the private jet with his McDonald’s order, including large fries – clearly satisfied. He jokingly remarks on the cost of the impromptu detour.

This McDonald’s right here cost me $10,000 just for this little burger. I’m a schoolyard crip I’m really him. Dead homies, $10,000 just for a burger. It’s a combo though, you know.”

Blueface’s extravagant journey for a fast-food just goes to show he really doesn’t know how to handle his money or have any value for money for that matter. Regardless, it is likely he will pull another antic in the future.

What’s your opinion on this bizarre Blueface story? Are you shocked he would waste so much money? Let us know in the comments section below!

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