In a distressing turn of events, the teenage son of “Teen Mom” celebrity Jenelle Evans, Jace, has found himself in dire straits once again. This time, Child Protective Services (CPS) is stepping in to take custody.

Sources in the know revealed to TMZ that the 14-year-old boy went missing from his grandmother’s residence on Saturday and remained unaccounted for until 11:45 PM on Sunday. Jace, who has previously run away multiple times from Jenelle’s home, had been placed under the care of Jenelle’s mother, Barbara.

Jace is currently in a hospital, and CPS is making the decision to move him into foster care due to his recurrent runaway incidents.

Sources further divulge that Jace was recently caught vaping at his school, prompting his grandmother to confiscate his phone as a form of punishment. It’s worth noting that Barbara had been cautioned by Jenelle, CPS, and the foster care team not to provide Jace with a phone in the first place, but she believed he could handle it. Unfortunately, the phone’s removal triggered Jace to run away, leading to this latest search for the troubled teenager.


Running away has become a concerning pattern for Jace, marking at least the fourth time he has fled from home. One notable instance occurred in September when he slipped out of a window on the same day Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, faced allegations of mistreating him.

Jace has spent the majority of his childhood under Barbara’s care, but earlier this year, Jenelle regained custody. However, the recurring runaway episodes have seen Jace returning to Barbara’s house.

In recent weeks, it’s become apparent that Jace is keeping his distance from Jenelle and David.

CPS officials are growing increasingly frustrated with the situation. While they are genuinely concerned about Jace’s well-being, any further trouble on his part could potentially land him in a juvenile detention facility, adding another layer of complexity to this already challenging situation.

How can the ongoing challenges and recurrent runaway incidents involving Jenelle Evans’ son, Jace, be effectively addressed to ensure his well-being and stability in the future? Leave us a comment.

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