Meek Mill recently made a bold statement on social media, claiming that he earns a whopping $1 million per song.

In a post shared on Instagram, Meek is pictured with a blunt in hand, eyes closed, and his other hand raised towards the sky with two fingers extended. He captioned the photo with the following words: “I’m getting a million a song … so that’s 62,500 every bar I speak…. They say this rap shit dying must be on billboard because it’s not to meek!”

While this statement might sound like song lyrics, it raised skepticism among fans on social media. Many questioned the authenticity of Meek’s claim, especially given his previous statements about not making money from his music for years.

One person on Twitter expressed doubt, saying, “This the same dude that said he ain’t made money off his music in 20 years he be cappin.”


Another individual humorously chimed in, stating, “If this is true then I’m LeBron James.”

Despite the skepticism, Meek Mill recently announced that he now owns his masters, a significant achievement in the music industry. In a tweet, he declared, “I own 100% of my masters and publishing now ima rap and have a ball with it and make music that touch people worldwide! For licensing or distribution me and all DREAM CHASER ARTIST are totally independent… we looking for top-tier distribution -MEEK MILL.”

Meek Mill’s financial claims continue to spark discussions among fans, with some questioning the accuracy of his statements in the ever-evolving world of rap and music business.

Do you believe Meek Mill’s claim that he earns $1 million per song, or do you think it’s an exaggeration or hyperbole? How important do you think financial success and ownership of masters are in the music industry today? Leave us a comment.

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