Jennifer Lawrence found herself in an embarrassing situation during a holiday event in New York City. The actress, who has been a brand ambassador for Dior, wore an outfit from the fashion house for Dior’s Carousel of Dreams at Saks event. This event marked the first collaboration between Saks and a luxury fashion house for its annual holiday campaign, featuring the unveiling of the Fifth Avenue store’s holiday windows and light show.

As Jennifer Lawrence took the podium for her special appearance, she thanked the crowd for their applause, but at that moment, her belt, which she had cinched around her overcoat, unexpectedly broke open and flew off. She reacted in shock, covering her mouth, and exclaimed, “I’m so sorry, that was so loud, my belt popped off!” Nevertheless, she handled the mishap like a pro and continued with her speech before starting the light show.

While some pieces of her outfit were from Dior, it’s unclear whether the belt was also from the brand. If it was, it doesn’t appear to be one currently available for sale.

Video footage of the incident posted by WWD on Instagram garnered numerous reactions from followers. Some found humor in the background noise of blaring horns from NYC cab drivers, while others speculated whether these incidents were staged for Jennifer Lawrence, who has had her fair share of fashion-related mishaps in the past.


Despite the wardrobe malfunction, the Saks holiday installation, which Jennifer Lawrence was part of, will be on display until January 5, 2024.

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