Mariah Carey, known as the Queen of Christmas, is reportedly spending her fortune extravagantly and accumulating a large number of unopened packages due to her shopping habits.

Insiders told RadarOnline that Carey, who is worth approximately $340 million, spends up to a million dollars a month on extravagant purchases and treats herself to “obscenely expensive” designer clothing and crates of champagne. Despite her substantial wealth, sources suggest that Carey splurges on gifts and orders items online throughout the year to stockpile.

She is reported to have multiple rooms filled with gifts and is known for her generosity, especially during the holiday season. However, her excessive online shopping habits have resulted in numerous unopened packages.

Carey’s spending also extends to her lifestyle, including a supersized staff and extravagant treatment. According to sources, she pays someone to fan her while she gets her makeup done and has a highly entitled view of herself.


While she can afford to spend lavishly, sources express concerns that her ballooning ego may become problematic. Carey’s spending habits are described as extreme, with her dropping large sums on items like plastic surgery and sports cars.

It remains to be seen how Carey’s spending habits will evolve in the future, but for now, it appears she is indulging in a lavish lifestyle.

What do you think about Mariah Carey’s extravagant spending habits and her accumulation of unopened packages? Do you believe it’s a concern, or is it simply a reflection of her immense wealth and fame? Leave us a comment.

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