WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan’s contributions to the world of professional wrestling need no introductions, as he singlehandedly became a juggernaut of the industry during the peak of his career. That said, he was called one of the worst actors of all time recently as well.

Nowadays, it has become commonplace for professional wrestlers to venture into the world of acting. Batista is one such professional wrestler who is now considered one of the best actors in the modern era.

Apart from Batista, both The Rock and John Cena are also professional wrestlers who became major stars in Hollywood thanks to their portrayal in numerous movies. That said, even Hulk Hogan has starred in quite a few films during his career. However, a large majority of them have been Box Office duds and critically panned as well.

While speaking to Dr Beau Hightower, MJF was asked about the perception of wrestlers going to Hollywood. MJF blasted Hulk Hogan, calling him one of the worst actors of all time while praising Batista, The Rock and John Cena. Hogan has been in films such as Suburban Commando, Thunder In Paradise and other such failures.


“I think a lot of the time, when people look at wrestlers going into acting, because Hulk Hogan did such a s*** job. He did, let’s be honest, probably one of the worst actors of all time. People were so hesitant of letting pro wrestlers into acting. Thanks to trailblazers like Cena, Rock, and Batista, absolutely massacring it every single time they are on screen, and killing it. It’s pretty cool and unique now because when they look at wrestlers, they understand now that what we do is really difficult and it takes a lot of charisma, charm, and athleticism. So does being the top draw in Hollywood. I think it’s a pretty easy transition, I shouldn’t say that. It’s an easy transition if you’re capable of being a top guy in my sport. It’s easier. If you’re somebody that struggles in front of the red light and you’re just a really good grappler (it’s harder).”

An upcoming biopic is looking to cast actors for Hulk Hogan’s role. Regardless, MJF is already venturing into Hollywood thanks to ‘The Iron Claw’ and other projects, so he is more focused on that.

What do you think of what MJF said? Are you in agreement with him? Sound off in the comments section below!

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