Lil Pump, the rapper who’s never been shy about his unabashed support for Donald Trump, just cranked up the volume on his Trump fandom. The rapper took to Instagram, and trust us, it’s pure red, white, and blue spectacle!

In a recent mirror selfie, Lil Pump donned an American flag-inspired life vest that screamed, “I’m with Trump!” But that’s not all – he took his patriotic flair to a whole new level with some striking red, white, and blue locs, giving his iconic hairstyle an extra dose of stars and stripes swagger.

The caption? Well, it’s as straightforward as it gets: “Pump for Trump.” And here’s the kicker – he took the photo on a comically massive iPad, because, well, when you’re Lil Pump, you gotta go big or go home.

Naturally, Lil Pump’s unwavering allegiance to the controversial ex-President lit up the comments section like a firecracker on the Fourth of July. But Lil Pump? He’s as cool as ice in the face of controversy.


This isn’t Lil Pump’s first rodeo when it comes to flaunting his Trump card. Remember back in 2020 when Trump invited him on stage at a rally? Trump slipped up and called him “Lil Pimp,” but our boy Lil Pump embraced it and even updated his socials with the new moniker.

Fast forward to today, and it looks like Trump finally got Lil Pump’s name right during a recent shout-out. The rapper showed up at Trump’s Florida rally, stood tall, and saluted the former Commander-in-Chief. Trump acknowledged him with, “He’s one of the few — rapper Lil Pump,” and of course, Pump was rocking his signature MAGA hat.

But wait, there’s more! Lil Pump is going the extra mile to secure that Republican nomination, starting a pro-Donald Trump chant during his performance at Ole Miss in October. “We Want Trump,” he and the crowd roared, making it clear where their allegiance lies.

So, what’s the verdict on Lil Pump’s new Trump-inspired hairstyle? Are you a fan of his patriotic locs? Tell us in the comments below, and stay tuned for more updates on Thirsty for News – where the Trump-Pump saga continues!

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