John Cena is arguably the greatest pro wrestler of all time, and many have called Drake the greatest rapper alive. When those two worlds merge, fans take notice. When Drake name-drops you on a track, it’s impossible to ignore it, even for John Cena.

Drake released ‘Scary Hours 3’ with a new video, sparking excitement among fans. On November 17th, the chart-topping rapper revealed his fifth EP titled ‘For All The Dogs: Scary Hours Edition.’ The EP has garnered significant attention from fans since its release, with enthusiasts closely examining each track. Of particular interest is the fourth track, ‘Wick Man,’ where Drake surprised fans by mentioning John Cena.

On that track, Drake rapped, “I’m almost expressionless, John Cena wouldn’t know the emotions that I wrestle with.”

In February 2020, The Milwaukee Bucks arrived at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto with the NBA’s top record for their game against the Raptors. Drake was in attendance, as many expected. He also had a bit of hardware on his shoulder.


The famous rapper from the 6ix didn’t just occupy his courtside spot like any other fan; because he also brought along two WWE championships along with him.

John Cena used a photo from that game on Instagram, without any caption, to let fans know that he heard Drizzy’s reference. That was not lost on him, and although he didn’t provide any context on how he felt about that name-drop, Cena certainly saw it.

John Cena doesn’t include captions on any of his Instagram posts. He simply lets the photos do all the talking for him. This post about Drake was no different, so fans shouldn’t feel alarmed that it lacked a caption. The fact that John Cena posted that photo was likely a nod to Drake as the current champion of the rap game.

What’s your take on John Cena’s post about Drake? Who is the greatest rapper alive today? Let us know what you think about that in the comments section!

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