Taylor Swift has a legion of fans who follow here wherever she goes, and that could cause a big deal on Monday. The NFL’s usual Monday Night Football game will be special for Swift, and her fans are all too aware of that fact.

The Kansas City Chief and Philadelphia Eagles are set to battle on the gridiron on November 20th for Monday Night Football. That game has a lot of fans placing bets and gearing up to watch an intense game. There is also a ton of attention on what is going on in the luxury box during the game, because Taylor Swift will be there.

Taylor Swift generally brings a ton of attention to whatever she does. Her Swifties tune in to catch any glimpse then can of her. She will be at the game on Monday, and she also has another personal reason for attending.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce plan to advance their relationship as their parents, Donna and Ed Kelce, and Andrea and Scott Swift, will meet for the first time on Monday. This will happen during the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs’ Monday Night Football game.


During Wrestling Observer Radio, famed pro wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer even brought up this Taylor Swift note, as he stated that WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night RAW, may face a huge problem thanks to T-Swift.

“Monday RAW is going against the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs game. Which is a monster football game, and it got even bigger because Taylor Swift is going to meet her fiancé or boyfriend’s parents at the game for the first time, which means Taylor Swift is at the game, so the ratings for this football game on Monday are going to be, I mean they were already throwing out Taylor Swift people were talking about 25 million viewers, that might’ve been a little high, but not much. With her, I’m not even gonna guess what it’ll do, but it’ll do a high number and maybe RAW will come up with a great thing, but when football is gigantic, it could easily be the lowest RAW on the USA Network, I wouldn’t be surprise, and it could certainly be one of the lowest.”

WWE has yet to announce a new home for Monday Night Raw as part of their 2024 television rights talks. The CW is getting NXT and the USA Network will pick up SmackDown, leaving many to believe that RAW is moving from its longtime home. With such a huge NFL game coming up on 11/20, it’s anyone’s guess how low that number will be for the longest running weekly episodic television show in history.

Taylor Swift may only get a few minutes of screen time during the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs game. That won’t stop her fans from watching so they can be the first to comment on social media about seeing T-Swift on their screens.

Do you think Taylor Swift will create that much attention by showing up at the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs game on Monday? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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