It seems like Kim Kardashian has some unique preferences when it comes to enjoying a classic slice of pizza! The reality star and entrepreneur made a surprising revelation about her pizza-eating habits on a recent episode of “The Kardashians.”

While in New York City, Kim ordered a pizza, but what she did next left everyone surprised. She proceeded to remove the cheese from the crust! Yes, you read that right—Kim Kardashian enjoys her pizza without the cheese.

In the episode, she even questioned herself, saying, “Is it weird that I don’t like the cheese on pizza? I just like the bread.” And to prove her point, she went for a second slice, once again taking the cheese off.

But this isn’t the first time Kim has shared some out-of-the-ordinary food preferences. In a previous episode of the Hulu series, she revealed that she had “never had regular beer” and had only tried a Red Stripe beer in Jamaica, which she loved. She admitted to never having a Corona or other American beers.


It’s clear that Kim Kardashian has some unique tastes when it comes to food and beverages, and she’s not afraid to share them with the world!

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s unusual pizza-eating habit of removing the cheese? Do you have any unconventional food preferences or habits? Feel free to share your thoughts or any unique food habits you might have.

Steve Carrier

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