Disney fans, get ready for a flurry of excitement because Frozen 4 is officially on the horizon!

In a surprise announcement on Good Morning America, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that Frozen 4 is already in the works, even before Frozen 3 hits the theaters. This delightful news comes with the added bonus that Jennifer Lee, the creative genius behind the first two Frozen movies, will be part of the Frozen 4 journey.

Bob Iger shared the exciting news after the opening ceremony for Disneyland’s enchanting “World of Frozen” in Hong Kong. He expressed, “Well, I’ll give you a little surprise there Michael. Frozen 3 is in the works, and there might be a Frozen 4 in the works, too.” He didn’t divulge many details about the upcoming films but hinted that Jennifer Lee and her team at Disney Animation are hard at work crafting not one but two new Frozen tales.

Speaking about the immersive worlds created at Disney Parks, Bob Iger emphasized the importance of Frozen as one of their most cherished franchises. He explained how the “World of Frozen” at Disneyland allows visitors to step into the enchanting realm of Frozen, where they can interact with beloved characters like Olaf, Anna, and Elsa. The experience aims to capture the essence of the movies and offer guests a powerful sense of storytelling that Disney fans have come to adore over the years.


“For years at our Disney Parks, we’ve been creating these large immersive worlds. Essentially, they are the physical embodiment of some of the greatest stories that we’ve told…And of course, Frozen being one of our most valuable franchises, as you mentioned, a very successful film, I think it’s just right for building the place that Frozen takes place in. It’s just a fantastic land that enables people to get immersed in the story of Frozen and interact with all the great characters from the films,” Iger said.

So, fans of the Frozen universe, prepare for more magical adventures as the Frozen franchise continues to captivate hearts and imaginations with Frozen 4 on the horizon!

What are your thoughts on the expansion of the Frozen universe with these new films? Are you looking forward to more adventures with Elsa, Anna, and the gang? Share your excitement and expectations in the comments below!

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